螺旋桨喷漆真的是画蛇添足吗?Propeller paint is really gild the lily?

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Propeller paint is really gild the lily?


Silicone antifouling paint application inship coating


Todaywhen I just to begin the work, the small disciple come to ask me: master, I sawthe berth of the quick launching ship is very strange, the good propeller is sandingand painting. This is not really gild the lily?



(In the photo thepropeller made into white paint)


Myapprentice, This is spraying coating a silicone anti fouling paint on thepropeller and not gild the lily!



(Propeller made ofchemical coating of silicone antifouling painting made by CMP in the picture)


Heis a little confused and still ask me.


Isthe propeller not made by brass?


Copperpropeller will not rusty why should we painting? Does the propeller alsorequire the protection of antifouling paints?


Whatkind of painting should the propeller use?


Andwhich company is a good choice for reliable quality and cost-effective?


Whatshould pay attention to when painting the propeller?


Thisseries of problems also made me unable to know how to answer. After all,propeller spraying is not common, it is also very normal that most people donot fully understand. Now take my apprentice’s questions for example, I willintroduce the propeller spraying silicone antifouling paint, if I said thewrong or you want to supplement the department, please give me some replies!


Shippropeller thrust will be transferred to the ship itself and drive the ship,which is an important part that converts torque developed by ship engine intokinetic energy. The importance of the propeller is needless to say. And it hasthe most important effects on the work status of the whole ship.




Isthe propeller made by brass?

Themain material of marine propeller is brass. But based on different ship typesand requirements, the material of the ship propeller is aluminum bronze. I willnot introduce their differences one by one. If you have interest, you may getsome relevant information to know about it.

Generally,brass propeller will not rust, but why painting? Does propeller also requirethe protection of antifouling paints? divided into four kinds, which are manganese bronze, nickelmanganese bronze, nickel aluminum bronze and manganese
Don't think that propeller doesn't grow marineorganisms because ofits main component of brass. On the contrary, when the ship is suspended, theexternal environment is very suitable for their growth (for example suitablewater temperature in summer,  at such asrivers, lakes and other fresh water into the sea mouth, in severe-eutrophic water,and be long-term suspended). The growth of marine organisms on the propeller ishard to imagine.


照片里这条船是条新造船,下水后码头舾装到试航大概用了2个多月时间。在试航时发现航速严重不达标 (设计最高航速15节实际上拼尽全力也只能达到11节,这样的结果无论那个船东都是不能接受的) 、整船震动大、主机油耗超标等问题。导致试航失败!回航后进坞排查原因。

Theboat in the picture is a new ship, and it took about 2 months from outfittingto trial trip. On its trials run, some problems were found that the speed wassub-standard seriously (a designed maximum speed of 15 knots actually can onlyreach 11 knots, and this result was not acceptable), the entire ship hadvibration, and engine fuel use exceeded. The trial resulted in failure. Afterits return, it was docked for inspecting.


It'sfound that the propeller is abnormal because much dirt was attached on it。  





Boththe front and back walls are not immune, even the helical tip。They are covered bya marine organism named barnacle。Because of theattached plant, the propeller's outline has changed, The navigational speed andfuel consumption rate would certainly be bad. Thus it can be seen thatantifouling for propeller was so important.


Whilecopper propeller does not rust, it also can be eroded seriously by cavitation. Forthe vessel are more and more huge and fast, the propeller's load are addedaccordingly, the aft flow field to be more unstable, much cavitation will begenerated on the surface of propeller, they grow up and crush out. Forthe vessel are more and more huge and fast, the propeller's load are addedaccordingly, the aft flow field to be more unstable, much cavitation will begenerated on the surface of propeller, they grow up and crush out. Thecrush of cavitation will lead an implosion, if the implosion force converge onone point repeatedly, some spongy pits will generated on the propeller bladesurface, result in a eroded damage.





Therebyit can be concluded that the cavitation was so dangerous, if the base metal hadbeen damaged, the original smooth physical surface outline will be changed tounsatisfactory.

Thenavigational speed will be reduced, M/E load will be added, Fuel consumptionrate will be also added. For one new propeller, each blade hasequal weight, they are fitted on vessel under a reasonable dynamic balance andstatic balance test. Then the propeller can work in the best case. Aftera period of sailing, for the reason of cavitation, each blade was damaged in adifferent level, their weight changed different also, lead a unexpected changeof dynamic damage to the M/E and shaft system. In this case, the vesselshould dry docking repairs. In less severe case, a simple repair was necessary,in severe case, the propeller should be replaced. Even so, after a period oftime, the propeller will be damaged again. Obviously, so much drydocking repairs were expensive.



如果能在螺旋桨上做上弹性非常好表面非常光滑的有机硅涂料,能有效的防止螺旋桨的空炮侵蚀。当空泡现象发生时,螺旋桨流场爆裂的空泡产生的冲击力作用到有机硅涂层表面。有机硅涂层有其他涂料无法比拟的弹性,表面非常光滑会不断地缓冲这股冲击力。使得螺旋桨本身不会因为空泡现象而侵蚀。好比给螺旋桨穿上了一件由凯夫拉KEVLAR 制成的防弹衣。保证了螺旋桨的正常工作状态。船舶的运营维修费用大大降低,经济性显著提高。

What'sthe paint spray on the propeller?

It'sorganosilicon anti-fouling coatings.

If the silicone paint sprayed on the propeller couldmake the surface of it smooth and elastic, the      propeller can prevent the cavitation erosioneffectively. When the cavitation generating, the implosion force acton the organosilicon anti-fouling coatings surface, because of the goodelasticity, the implosion force will be cushioned, thus the propeller will beprotected. It is liked put a body armour made by KEVLAR on thepropeller, ensure a best work condition for it. The repair cost will be reducedgreatly and economical efficiency added remarkable also.


(中塗化工涂料CHUGOKU【CMP】 提供的快三开户资料照片)

(The pictureof information provided by CHUGOKU【CMP】)



(The sailing shippropeller do silicone antifouling 23 months later before-and-after photos)


(The picture of shippropeller make silicone antifouling 32 months after sailing)

据中塗化工涂料CHUGOKU【CMP】 提供的快三开户资料,螺旋桨上涂有机硅涂料能有效的阻隔空泡侵蚀,螺旋桨使用年限对比没有涂有机硅涂料的提高数倍.

Accordingto the information of CMP, Propeller on coated organic silicone coating caneffectively block the cavitation erosion,The time of years that propeller can use isseveral times higher than that of without painting organic silicone coating.


Marinepropeller spraying coatings are mainly organic silicon antifouling paints.Different from traditional antifouling paint,Silicone antifouling paint’s antifoulingmechanism completely depend on the coating surface which is very smooth,The surface of the sea creatures can't attached to the smooth,Even attach it cannot based on growth. Since the traditionalpolishing type water soluble antifouling is through base reaction with waterand dissolve,By toxins kill Marine life to achieve thepurpose of antifouling dialysis.

Silicone antifouling paint can also be used as the ship of antifouling paint has the following features:


1.Non-poisonous. Dueto the low surface energy coating mechanism of no chemical factors, Organic siliconcoating does not contain any toxic materials such as: cuprous oxide、Organic tin or other pesticides!Not limitedby the current international Marine environmental regulations and conventions. Sothis is the most environmentally friendly antifouling paint.

2. Self-polishing. Silicone antifouling paint coating surface is very smoothand not sticky of Marine biology,Even attach as long asthe ship reached a certain speed, the surface can clean itself. Marine life iseasy to wash away by water. Always keep the coating surface smoothness.

3.Organic solvents (VOC) content is low,Generally low surface energy silicone antifouling coatings this more than 70%. With is low content of VOC,it has little harm to the wokers’health and the environment.

4.The cycle of protect is long. Silicone antifouling coatings in general will be valid for 5 years,5 years later,Due to the certain damage of using needs to be repaired. The validity of the repair can be obtained after 5 years. The lifetime of the ship is 25-30 years in genneral. That is to say, it only have to do 5-6 times coating repair in the whole service life of the ship.

5.Energy-economy. Becauseof using the organic silicone antifouling coatings,The coating surfaceis very smooth. Data indicated that if the entire bottom using siliconeantifouling paint can save fuel above 5%-6%. If the propeller using siliconecoating, Cavitation erosion of propeller is reducedgreatly to ensure the best state of navigation of the ship. It is benefit forthe economic growth.


Whichpaint company silicone coating quality reliable and cost-effective?

目前国际上比较著名的几大油漆公司中塗、国际、佐敦等都有此类产品推出。在实际应用中中塗化工CHUGOKU 【CMP】的有机硅涂料质量有保障价格相对适中。很多大型国际航运公司都在采用他们的产品。

Currently,most famousinternational paint company such as CMP, IP, Joton, etc. Have such productslaunched. In practical application the silicone paint produced by the chemicalindustry CHUGOKU [CMP] has a high quality and a reasonable price. Many biginternational shipping companies are using their products.


Whatshould be paid attention to when the propeller is sprayed with silicone antifouling painting?

有机硅防污涂料表面能非常低,其对基材结合力不是很好。故对整个涂装施工过程要求非常严格。下面我就用中塗化工CHUGOKU 【CMP】的有机硅防污涂料的技术要求,来给大家讲一下有机硅防污涂料涂装施工注意事项!

Siliconeanti fouling painting has a very low surface energy and can be well binded withthe base material.so the whole process of painting has a very strictrequirement. Now I will take the CHUGOKU[CMP] silicone anti fouling paintingfor example to introduce the technical requirements when painting and giveyou  a talk about what should take into considerationwhen use the silicon anti fouling painting.

1.  涂装施工前对螺旋桨表面进行高压淡水清洗清洁。


1.The propeller surface should becleaned with high pressure freshwater before spraying painting. In the processof making and install the propeller, it has a lot of polishing paste, oil, dusthard to remove, which is harmful to the spray process, so the residues on thesurface of the propeller should be removed absolutely. First, remove dirt andsalt from the surface of the propeller by using high pressure fresh water, thenwipe the polishing paste and other residues on the surface with diluent.



(The picture of propellercleaning before)



(The picture of propellercleaning after)

2.  螺旋桨喷涂有机硅防污涂料前,邻近区域的漆膜应充分保护。并同时搭设施工防护棚。


2.The paint film of the adjacent areashould be fully protected before the propeller is sprayed with silicon antifouling paint and to build a protective shed when painting at the same time.

Inthe process of spraying silicone anti fouling paint, the surrounding of theenvironment needs strict protection and other areas can not be polluted. Afterthe silicon anti fouling paint film is formed, the surface is very smooth, nothighly viscous and it is difficult to blend with other paint. Once falling downto the other paint surface, it must be completely removed or it should notcarry out the repainting. So it is necessary to protect the surface of theother painting carefully and thoroughly. The shelter must be fully covered thepropeller with no gap.



(The picture of propelleradjacent paint surface protection)



(The picture of propellerbuild-up protective casing)



3. Sand washing

Non-metal abrasive should be adopted when copperpropeller is sand washing. If such as metal abrasive is used in sand washing, itwill remain on the surface of the copper propeller, then galvanic corrosionwill occur with Cu. When the copper propeller is sand washing, such as regularfused alumina, quartz sand, garnet and other non-metallic abrasive must beused. Abrasive can be used as soon as 14 - 16#.After the process, the copperpropeller surface roughness should reach 35 - 65 um.



The picture of Quartz sand abrasive



The picture of  propeller surface after sand washing sand inclusion phenomenon



(The picture of  Screwsand washing after manual comparison before and after sanding)


There will be a lot of dust and abrasive residueon the surface of the propeller after sand washing. The silicone anti foulingpainting system needs high requirements on the surface’s cleanliness, So theseresidue must be cleared. To use sandpaper polished to remove these residuesthat hard to cleaning and use high pressure air to blow away the dustcarefully.



The picture of afterthe screw sand washing oil residue


Someof the remaining oil also needed to use thinner to clean.



The picture of propellerlast cleaned before painting


Finally,the whole propeller should be cleaned carefully before painting and to ensurethat all the surface of the propeller are in line with the requirements of theconstruction and to confirm the process with paint technical service providers.




3.  喷漆。
3. Painting


The first paint is butyraldehyde resinetch primer which main function is to seal the surface of copper and increasethe adhesion with the next。



(Paint picture for the first time)



(The picture of  paint spray painting process for the firsttime)

第二道漆为改性环氧漆中间漆,作为配套CMP BIOCLEAN防污体系的底漆。要提前做好预涂,并在喷涂前做好表面清洁。选用技术水平高的枪手,确保一次喷漆达到规定漆膜厚度。尽可能避免漆膜的二次修补。

Thesecond paint is modified epoxy intermediate paint which is used as the primerof the CMP BIOCLEAN antipollution system. It must be pre-painted in advance andkeep the surface clean. Skilled painting worker should be chosen and ensurethat the thickness of the paint film reach the required standard. Try the bestto avoid the second patch of paint film.



(The picture of secondpaint coating)



(The picture of thesecond paint )



(The picture of painttechnology services chamber of commerce inspect the second oil film thickness)


Thethird paint is silicone antifouling paint which is the most important part inthis process. The construction quality has a direct impact on the quality ofpainting. The requirements are also very harsh. Because of the siliconeantifouling coatings with smooth surface, mechanical binding force is veryweak. So the time between the painting is important, under normalcircumstances, the paint technology service providers will required the secondpainted in 4-8 hours. As long as the middle of the paint surface curing, the secondpainting can be carried out to increase the paint layer between the chemicalmolecular chain combinations. Silicone anti fouling paint can not be mixed withother paint. So all tool used in the construction of silicone anti foulingpaint must be new or carefully cleaned up.



(The picture of rollerand paint small bucket)


Paintbrush, paint roller of little barrel must be brand new。



(The picture of spraypump suction)


Spraypump suction must be equipped with a new filter, Suction hose is replaced withnew one.



(The picture of agitator)


Blenderafter careful cleaning cannot have other paint residue.



(The picture of spraygun belt)


Spraygun belt must be new in order to avoid the pollution of the paint in the gunbelt. Spray pump should be wash many times, The remaining paint spray pump shouldbe clean up.



(The picture of Spraygun and the gun mouth)


Spraygun and the gun nozzle must be brand new. Gun nozzle using 17 B25。



(The picture of Overallspray gun before try)


Thespraying worker must select who had a special painting, a high level ofexperience. To ensure that the pressure of high pressure air in the process ofpainting and spraying success in one time .The worker must test the paintinggun before the formal spray silicone anti fouling paint.




Itis difficult to promote the application of silicone antifouling paint for it ishard to construction and it needs high painting skill and the price is severaltimes than ordinary antifouling paint, but its excellent performance is obviousto all of us. Many wise shipping companies are still use silicone antifoulingpaint to protect the propeller of the ship even the ship body from thepollution.



General owner without siliconeantifouling paints(Working model of the owner)


  Wise owner withsilicone antifouling paint for protection propeller(Theboss type of the owner)



Richowners not only do the propeller by jerked the page also to do siliconeantifouling paint(the rich owner)


The entire bottom do silicone antifouling paint(thewealthy owner)


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